Roman Lark (Chapter 12) : I WILL TRY

Nov 29, 2016

When we discover an artistic photo we wonder very often what the photographer wanted to make us feel through his work. There are few people who express their feelings.

So we decided to share with you the complete work of Roman Lark, fashionable contemporary artist whose concept seduces numerous art lovers. The principle is clear, Roman wrote 12 texts, 12 poignant philosophic thoughts relating his experiences on diverse themes as love, jealousy, beauty, success & many others. Then he decided to realize 12 photos illustrating these 12 texts. International actors & models participated to this complete work precisely entitled: “My life passes before my eyes & I contemplate it”.

Every week we’re going to make you discover a poignant work & text corresponding. In which work will you identify yourself? Our editorial board team took a test and… it’s very captivating!

Chapter 12 : I WILL TRY

roman lark photo palau de la musica

“I will never stop trying. I will try until I have no more emotions. I will try until I feel the fullness of the end. I will try until dawn, until I hear the singing of toil, until I inhale the perfection of the protagonists, until I taste the bitter subtlety of success, until I can feel the acceleration of gravitational particles. I will try and try again as I am the artist of my existence. “

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