Personalized video : guaranteed emotion!

Whatever your event, you can call upon Barcelona Photographer to make a professional video worthy of the greatest directors.

Photos have a particular grain, an atmosphere matching the instant or the memory of the instant fixed for eternity. All they lack is sound… A personalized video of your event brings you the sound dimension. Voices, laughter, songs can sometimes remind you of an instant even with eyes closed. Add sound to image; immortalize that one dance, that fit of laughter, those unforgettable moments. Barcelona Photographer ensures a personalized video full of emotion and editing of optimal quality. Whether it be for a professional or private event, our team will listen to you and understand you, assess your needs and ensure that the final editing meets your highest standards.

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Videos made by Photographer Barcelona

Professional video mares

Containing only professional video mares, Barcelona Photographer groups specialists involved in Barcelona’s main events. Video makers of the prestigious Model Week Barcelona, events specialists, art and fashion photographers, our cameras cater to your highest standards.

Choose the video maker best-suited to your needs with Barcelona Photographer: speciality, language, equipment, price. Whether it be for a wedding, a hen do,a professional event in Barcelona, a professional portfolio in a studio, we ensure the best professional for perfect videos.

Our activities are not limited to Barcelona, and many of you would like to call upon our quality services for events in France or elsewhere : no problem! Please explain your needs and we will provide the solution most adapted to your event.