Food photography, quite an art!

Aug 23, 2016

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It’s not just to photograph your dishes, even if they’re attractive & tasty. The food photography requires patience to present well the dish & a meticulous spirit; in a sentence: it’s a whole art. This type of photography will allow you to emphasize your delicious dishes.

For the quantity of food, it’s better to decrease it. Because even if you think that a well-furnished dish will make it more appetizing, it can be “too much” on the photo. On the other hand, you can present your dishes in a more minimalist & organized way; your picture will be more harmonious.

You also have to think of the way you will fill the space around the dish to sublimate it. Indeed, for the background you can play with the contrasts. If your food is pale, prefer a dark or colored background. However, if they’re colored, choose a white one or a pastel one. This small trick will highlight your dish!

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First of all, get closer enough to have your dish in close-up. Use the “macro” mode of your camera to see more details. Furthermore, it’s recommended to shoot in the format RAW, the quality of your image will be kept during the treatment & the recording.
The little bonus that will change the quality of your image is to let the sunlight illuminate & sublimate your dish.

You can play with the colors of your food: color your dish for a more creative finish.
Do not hesitate to try out all types of angles. Some angles will turn your picture into something original, others not. Then play with the perspectives, the angles to have images that are out of the ordinary!

Finally, do not forget to photograph the preparation, which could give you also attractive pictures.